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Bticino IP Intercom - COMING SOON!!!

Bticino IP Intercom - COMING SOON!!!

Key Features Of The Bticino IP Intercom


IP Door Entry System is the perfect solution for large residential building with a high number of apartments, able to guarantee high performance, long distances and high video signal quality.

The IP indoor units, entrance panels and guard station modern and high-end design, with wide touch displays and silver finishing, has also been awarded with Reddot 2021 award.

The system is conceived to be flexible and adaptable to different installations and building needs. The configuration is easy and done using a dedicated software to create topology, adjust parameters and associate the devices with a scan tool, ensuring an error-proof installation!

Lift control, CCTV ONVIF cameras as well as alarm sensors can be integrated in the IP Door Entry System giving the opportunity to create a complete and synergical system.


  • Multichannel: for simultaneous conversations (no busy lines)
  • High definition video quality: up to 1280 x 800 lines
  • Technology: IP protocol (SIP/TCP)
  • Cables: FTP and UTP (CAT5/CAT5E/CAT6), fiber optic
  • Integration: IP CCTV Cameras, Lift control, Alarm sensors
  • Configuration: easy and quick configuration with dedicated software
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