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Standalone Commercial Grade Wireless Solution In Stock

Standalone Commercial Grade Wireless Solution In Stock


Satel Abax2 - Standalone Commercial Grade Wireless Solution In Stock
New version of SATEL two-way wireless system In addition to being compatible with INTEGRA, INTEGRA Plus and VERSA systems, it can be used in conjunction with any control panel or in stand-alone mode.

The new radio system ensures much more efficient data transmission, even in the most adverse conditions, in the presence of other wireless systems or strong interfering signals.

The data sent are encrypted using the AES standard. In addition, ABAX 2 provides comprehensive diagnostics e.g. of radio signal strength. A great advantage of ABAX 2 is the possibility of remotely updating firmware in wireless devices. The process is running in the background and does not disturb the current system operation.


The Game-Changer In Wireless Security And Comfort

  • 4-channel operation in the 915MHz frequency band
  • Can work in a stand-alone mode or with any alarm control panel
  • Integrates with the INTEGRA alarm system
  • Range: up to 2km in open area
  • Data encryption using the AES standard
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Low energy consumption
  • Antennas designed individually for each device

Find out how communication between individual devices of the two-way wireless ABAX 2 system is so effective, fast and reliable

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AES, or Advanced Encryption Algorithm, is one of the most secure data encryption standards. Using it in the ABAX 2 system ensures a high level of communication security ...

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