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The New Optex FlipX Range – Enhanced Performance and Style

The New Optex FlipX Range – Enhanced Performance and Style


Key Features Of The Optex FlipX Models

Human-Catch Element

The new element size has been designed to create proper detection areas & optimize detection sensitivity.


Pet Immunity

Standard model features false alarm protection with excellent tolerance to spot temperature changes from small animals and pets.

Prominent LED Light

The FlipX Standard comes with an easily viewable LED indicator in green, so you are sure the sensor is turned on and working

Rotatable lens

Spherical lens design

The specially designed spherical lens provides a precise focal length of each detection ray onto the pyroelectric elements.
This advanced lens design helps to ensure consistency throughout the field of detection and considerably reduces the chance of missed alarms.

SMDA logic

All FlipX series are equipped with a digitally enhanced signal recognition logic, "SMDA"

This highly developed detection technology helps the sensor avoid nuisance alarms from shades, changes in temperature or brightness which can be common in indoor settings.

In this model we have also incorporated features from outdoor sensors, to make it more resistant and durable for everyday indoor detection use.
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