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Bosch Solution 6000 MyAlarm Plug-In 4G GSM/GPRS Plug on Modem With Antenna

  • No 3G Fall Back!
  • Allows Bosch 6000 To Send SMS and connection to MYALARM Subscription
  • Bosch 6000 Only Version 2.51.04 or Higher
  • Requires My Alarm Subscription
  • Supplied With My Alarm Sim Cards
  • No One Off Payment Plan Available

4G boards for Bosch 6000 only work on a panel with version 2.51.04 or higher firmware. 

The firmware can be upgrade for free on PCBs that have a serial number higher than 240000. You can find your serial number in MENU700 or under the 3GSM board.

CM910 Direct Link flash cable is needed to connect to the alarm panel for upgrading the firmware. There is no other way to upgrade your panel.

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