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Satel ABAX2 Wireless Multipurpose Detector

  • AXD-200 is a multifunction device operating as part of the ABAX 2/ABAX two-way wireless system
  • It meets the EN 50131 Grade 2 requirements
  • AXD-200 is characterized by low energy consumption. It is powered by a CR123A 3 V lithium battery, whose condition is constantly monitored.
  • The “ECO” option (available in ABAX 2 only) extends the device operation time even fourfold
  • The device can work in one of 7 modes
  • Magnetic contact, dual channel magnetic contact, magnetic contact with input for roller shutter detector, shock detector and magnetic contact, reorientation, temperature or flood detector
  • Shock detector and magnetic contact - detection of shocks and vibrations associated with attempts to force a door or window, detection of opening of a door, window, etc.
  • Reorientation detector - detecting a change in position of an object
  • individual protection of valuable items
  • Temperature detector - temperature measurement in the range from -10°C to + 55°C, two programmable temperature thresholds (upper and lower)
  • Water flood detector - detection of water leakage, input for connecting an external flood probe FPX-1 (white), FPX-1 BR (brown) or FPX-1 DG (dark gray) – the probe available separately
  • Input for control of an NC type wire detector
  • additional digital channel for control of a wired detector (two-channel magnetic, magnetic with roller shutter input)
  • Input for control of a wired roller shutter detector (detector with roller shutter input)

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