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The DD669AM is a dual technology ceiling mount motion sensor with anti-masking. It will prevent attempts to mask the sensor while reporting these attempts to the panel. Its 18 curtains offer maximum detection including full undercrawl detection capability throughout a protected area of up to 20m in diameter. The unique mirror optics technology is a step and gliding focus, which creates continuous curtains that never loses track of the intruder.
  • Automatic reporting of all masking attempts
  • Step & Gliding Focus Multi Curtain mirror optic
  • Range controlled radar on S-band
  • Plug-in electronics
  • Sealed optics
  • 4D processing for reduced nuisance alarms
  • Selectable coverage pattern using mirror masks
  • Additional bi-curtain processing for harsh environment
  • No adjustment required for different mounting heights
  • SCEC Approved to SL3 (SEEPL)
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