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The VV602 seismic detector is designed to detect attempts to break into night deposit boxes, automatic teller machines (ATM?s) and other reinforced physical areas such as data storages and filing cabinets. This seismic detector reacts to the characteristic vibration patterns of all breaking-and-entering tools, such as hammers, drills, diamond saws, hydraulic pressure tools and thermal tools like welding torch and thermal lance. It will sense vibrations that occur within a 3 to 14 meter radius of where it is mounted, depending on the material and design of the protected object.

At the same time this detector will allow for normal human activity around the protected area without the risk of creating unwanted alarms. To achieve this high level of accuracy, the detector features 'three detectors in one'. All three channels (counting, integration, and explosion) analyse the signal frequencies, duration and amplitude, in order to differentiate between random environmental disturbances and real intruder attack. The end result is detectors with excellent detection and false alarm immunity.

  • Detects all known methods of attacks
  • Advanced signal processing differentiates between ambient noise and real attacks
  • Extremely low current draw
  • Two options of testing
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Full-scale tamper protection
  • Complete line of accessories
  • Easy to install
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