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Single Use Panel Programming Unlock Key |  F.01U.271.514

  • Bosch Panel Default Unlock Key will reset Installer PIN and RAS PIN on Solution 6000 panels
  • The Solution 6000 unlock key resets the install code and RAS access to 1234 and 12345678 respectively without defaulting any other programming
  • The CM255B factory default module has been designed to eliminate the need to un-wire the control panel or spend the time and money returning it to the factory for defaulting
  • Selected Solution control panels include a software option that when selected will disable the factory defaulting option. If this option has been set, then you must know the current installer PIN code to access programming mode or to default the panel. Table 2 lists the current panels which support the CM255B default module.
    • To determine of the panel has been factory default disabled, remove all power to the panel and then re-apply the power. If the on-board relay pulses or clicks five times, then defaulting has been disabled