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Bticino 2W 5" NEW Classe 100 WiFi Video Handsfree Kit With Inductive Loop (100X16E), With Linea 3000 Pushbutton Panel With Zamak Front Cover, Wide Angle Colour Camera, Proximity Reader With Kit Of 6 Coloured Key Fobs (Max 20 Fobs Managed) 2 Clear Discs Fo

by Bticino
SKU 364614

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Bticino 2Wire WiFi One-family Handsfree Kit

  • 5" LCD display Classe 100X16E Wi-Fi video internal unit, handsfree function, inductive loop
  • LINEA 3000 pushbutton panel with with zamak front cover, wide angle colour camera, proximity reader and with a set of coloured key cards and two clear discs for door lock release
  • Can be configured for one-family and two-family installations
  • It can manage a maximum of 20 key cards (125 KHz) for the electric door lock release (including the one for the system management)
  • Nameplate lit by white LED
  • Can be wall or flush installed with specific accessories:
    • (350020) flush mounted box and
    • (343061) flush mounted accessory - to be purchased separately
  • Can be fitted with rainshield (343051)- to be purchased separately
  • The pushbutton panel has a protection index IP54 - protection index against mechanical impact IK10
  • The video internal unit has 4.3” colour LCD display and Inductive Loop function (to enable use by people wearing hearing aids fitted with T selector)
  • It also has 3 touch keys for the control of the main functions
    • – door lock release, staircase light control and entrance panel activation/scrolling
    • – there are further 4 configurable touch keys that perform different functions
    • – e.g. staircase light control, intercom, additional door lock activation, generic activations
  • It has a side lever to adjust: colour, brightness and display contrast, audio volume, call tone volume and Wi-Fi configuration
  • There are call exclusion notification LEDs and Wi-Fi
  • Also, thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, you can associate the video internal unit to the DOOR ENTRY App (available for Android and iOS)
  • You can manage the main video internal unit functions (receiving calls, opening the door lock, activating the entrance panel/scrolling, Firmware updating and additional activations) from the App
  • The installation can be made to the wall using the bracket supplied or using table support accessories (2 x 344692) – to be purchased separately
  • The device, also equipped with the professional studio (office) function, must be configured. Open at integration with connected third-party devices (e.g. NETATMO Smart Indoor and Smart Outdoor Cameras)
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