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Power supply for 2 WIRES system in 6 DIN modular enclosure. Power supply 110 – 240 Vac @ 50 – 60 Hz. The output provides two power supplies in very low safety voltage (one on the 3 TK BUS, IU BUS and SCS clamps, one on the 1 - 2 clamp) to be used alternately and NOT at the same time. To be used in audio, video or mixed audio video systems. The video adapter is integrated in the device (item 346830 must not be used). It is therefore possible to avoid the use of the A/V node (F441) or the multichannel matrix (F441M), if three junctions (MAX 2 IU + 1 TK risers or 1 IU + MAX 2 TK risers) are not exceeded in total from the clamps. It can also be used as additional power supply (1 - 2 output) for the local power supply of the preset internal units or entrance panels (in this case it is not possible to use other outputs). The device is electronically protected against overload and short circuit. It is a SELV double insulation safety device. The installation must be made in compliance with current regulations. The device must not be configured. WARNING: the (IU BUS), (TK BUS) and (SCS) outputs can be used at the same time respecting the total maximum absorption of 1.2 A. Disconnect the power supply for 5 minutes after overload or short circuit.


PRI (AC power supply input)

Rated voltages: 110 – 240 V

Rated currents: 730 – 400 mA

Operating frequency range: 50 – 60 Hz

Power consumption - full load: 40 W max

Power consumption: 8 W max

Full load efficiency: 80 % typ.

Stand by power: < 1W

Operating temperature: (-10) – (+55) °C

Integrated fuse (PRI side): F1 T 3,15A 250 V


Rated voltage: 27 Vdc 

Rated current: 1,2 A

Rated power: 32,4 W


Rated voltage: 28,5 Vdc

Rated current: 1,2 A

Rated power: 34,2 W