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Sfera graphic display module to be used with speaker module 351100 or with audio/video modules 351200 – 351300 (connection using the multicable supplied). It can operate in two modes: call from address book, or digital call. The call from the address book gives the possibility of sending the call by scrolling on the display the names associated to the residents. It is possible to store up to 4000 residents names. Using the keypad module item 353000 it is also possible to directly call the apartment by entering the number corresponding to the resident. The digital call is also performed using the keypad module item 353000 by entering the numerical code. It is recommended that one or more nameplate modules, item 352200, are installed at the side of the pushbutton panel to display the correspondence between the numerical codes and the names of the users. It is possible to program the names in the address book in two different ways: manual inclusion using the pushbuttons of the display module or inclusion using a PC with the TiSferaDesign software installed, by downloading the file to the display module (RECOMMENDED). System power supply cuts do NOT cause the loss of memory data. To be completed with surround plate.


91 mm
115 mm
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Series EN
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