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Sfera RFID badge reader module for the release of the door lock by swiping the badge. It manages up to 20000 badges. It’s fitted with relay contacts (C – NO - NC) and clamps (CP - P1 - P2) for the connection of a local door release pushbutton. The badge for the release of the door lock can be programmed from the module itself, or using a PC after downloading the module programming file. It also has a programming reset pushbutton and LEDs for the visual notification of the access status. Night backlighting LEDs. To be completed with surround plate. Connection to the other modules by using the appropriate multicable supplied. The device may also be used as a stand alone unit with independent power supply and operation. Configuration performed using physical configurators, or a PC with the TiSferaDesign software installed.


91 mm
115 mm
N° of modules
Series EN
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