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The C10245M is a noise-free distributed filter/splitter, designed for ADSL/ADSL2/2+ services. Provided with RJ45/RJ12 connectors for line, phone and DSL modem and a RJ12 cord.
  • Conforms to Telstra RCIT 0004
  • Conforms to AS/ACIF S041:2005; S002–App. F; TS001, TS002 and AS/NZS60950(AS3260) safety.
  • Meet ETSI 101 952-1-5v1.1.1(2003-05) standard
  • G.dmt, G.Lite, ADSL2, ADSL2+ compatible.
  • Isolate telephone equipment impedances from the ADSL and Home Phone Network (HPN) house wiring.
  • Attenuate ADSL and HPN signals to telephone equipment to prevent conversion to voice band signals.
  • Attenuate HPN signals to unbalanced telephone equipment to prevent radiation into electronic equipment.
  • Attenuate radio signals picked up by unbalanced telephone acting as an antenna from affecting ADSL and HPN receivers.