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305m Cat6 Purple UTP Solid Cable Roll 250MHz
100% Bare Copper Cable
LSZH Jacket
AS/CA S008:2010 Approved
4K UHD Ready

Cable Type: UTP

Jacket Material: LSZH

Conductor Material: Bare Copper Cable

Insulation Material: HDPE

Cable Length: 305m

Cable Weight: 13.1kg/305m

Cable Diamater: 0.55

Cable Gauge: 23AWG

Jacket Thickness: 0.55±0.05mm

DC Resistance Unbalanced (Max.): in pair ≤2.0%, pair to pair≤4.0%

DC Resistance (Max.): ≤9.38Ω/100m

Dielectric Strength (Max.): DC 1000V 1min No Breakdown 

Mutual Capacitance at Frequency: ≤5.8nF/100m

NVP: 69%

Operating Frequency: 250MHz

Flame Test Method: IEC60332-1-2

Installation Temperature: -20 ~ +60 degrees celcius 

Operating Temperature: -40 ~ +75 degrees celcius 

Packaging: Reel in Box

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