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  • CERTECH IP rated racks are designed to protect sensitive network equipment from harsh environments where equipment may be exposed to dust or water. If you need a tough & robust rack, then look no further than CERTECH IP45 & IP65 rated racks, available in wall mounted & free-standing options. All racks are manufactured to universal 19” standards, providing the ability of use with universal 19” equipment from vendors worldwide. All racks are constructed from high quality cold rolled steel or SUS316 stainless steel. & are shipped fully assembled for quick deployment. CERTECH racks are covered by a 2-year warranty, subject to use within the static loading specifications and operation within normal environmental conditions.
  • IP Rating
  • Free-standing models: IP45 rated. Wall mount models: IP45 & IP65 rated.
  • Fans (IP45 Rated Models)
  • Smartly designed, fans (with dust filters) are accessible by lifting the pivoting rain hood, allowing the fans to be serviced without having to remove any rack-mounted equipment. Comes with a thermostat for controlled air flow.
  • Cable Entry
  • Cable entry plates and glands located on the base panel of racks, making for easy cable access.
  • Rack Mounting Compatibility
  • All racks are compatible with all EIA-310 compliant 19″ equipment.
  • Vertical Mounting Rails
  • Vertical mounting rails can be adjusted back and forth to suit various sizes of equipment. Rack units are numbered front and back for easy equipment installation.
  • Ventilation & Dust Filters (IP45 Rated Models)
  • The cabinet design allows natural wind cooling through filtered vents on the front door and venting under the lip of the rain hood, which has a 25mm vented lip and is angled at 75mm, allowing for water run-off. The filters are conveniently located on the front door, allowing for easy access & servicing, without having to remove any rack-mounted equipment.
  • Front Door
  • Front door has 130 degrees of movement, swinging from left to right, fitted with a water & dust polyurethane door joint strip.
  • Construction
  • Fully welded design, made from cold rolled steel or SUS316 stainless steel.
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Please Contact Zankap