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Hills Reliance Remote Kit With Wireless Receiver And 2 x Fobs/Stainless Steel Remotes

  • RSI02 remote kit comprises one receiver, two pre-learned remotes, a 4-wire harness and a quick mounting plate.
  • Through jumper setting, it can be set to work with NX/Reliance alarm panels to operate Arm (away/stay), Disarm and Panic via the keypad data bus
  • The receiver is also equipped with two relays that can be used to operate other devices such as garage door


  • Operating Range: A minimum of 50m (open air)
  • 433.92 MHz Keeloq rolling code: 4.3 billion combination; SAW resonator (filter) locked (+/- 75KHz)
  • Transmitting power: <10mW
  • Operating Voltage: 6 V powered by 2 x 3 VDC lithium batteries
  • Battery Life: 3 years under normal operating conditions
  • Current: <1uA standby; 12mA max
  • Low battery indication: LED on the remote flashes when the button is pressed
  • Auto shutoff: the remote stops transmitting if a button gets pressed for 25s


  • Operating voltage: 9-15VDC; Current: 10mA Standby; 100mA max


  • Data – Arm (away/stay), Disarm and Panic. 4-wire harness provided
  • Two programmable relay outputs; SPDT; rating 1A 24VDC/120VAC
  • Chirp & Flash “Switch to Ground” outputs for Arm and Disarm notification
  • Standard capacity: 25 remotes
  • Mounting plate provided for quick receiver installation