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  • Can be used to in parallel with any 26 bit wiegand proximity readers.
  • Self-learing and self-synchronizing receiver technology fully implements independent rolling key encryption for all 65536 possible card numbers within any one site code.
  • Site / facility code selection by simple rotary switches ensures non matching site code transmitter transactions are not passed to the access control system. 
  • Compatibility with 2, 4 and 6 channel Airkeys allows for maximum flexibility.
  • 69 bit encrypted data transmission guarantees security.
  • All transmissions immune from code grabbing and code scanning techniques as often used by ever resourceful thieves.
  • The advanced amplifier-sequenced hybrid (ASH) receiver with 2 stages of surface acoustic wave (SAW) filtering provides excellent receiver out-of-bound rejection.
  • The receiver generates virtually no RF emissions, facilitating compliance with ETSI I-ETS 300 220 and similar regulations.

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