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Secor White Emergency Door Release Breakglass, Resettable, LED Indicators & Buzzer, Green / Red Status Bar, Triple Isolated DP/DT Outputs, 12VDC Or 24VDC, Optional Flip Cover Available

by Secor

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  • Glassless and resettable
  • Four LEDs around the edge of the unit indicate where to press in the dark, when in an emergency
  • Built with Emergency status bar – green and red
  • Easy to reset with new design of reset key
  • 12 or 24VDC
  • Built in buzzer can be set as silent, interval wailing or continuous wailing, with volume adjustable
  • Triple isolated outputs – NO/NC
  • Plastic protecting cover available
  • Power: 12/24VDC
  • Operating current:
    • 12VDC - 18mA standby; 75mA operation
    • 24VDC – 11mA standby; 41mA operation
  • Buzzer: can be turned off or on; continuous tone and pulse sound selectable; volume adjustable
  • LED:               
    • Green standby; red in emergency
    • Red emergency LED: can be turn off or on; flashing or steady selectable
  • Contacts:      Isolated 3 x NO and NC
  • Contacts max load: 125V/3A
  • Colour: White, green
  • Plastic reset key included
  • Protection covers available
  • Dimensions:             90 x 93 x 64mm
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