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Bosch TF008-B 18VAC 1.33AMP, 3Wire-Compliant Power Supply | F.01U.271.773

  • Includes built‑in thermal fuses that will blow during overload or fault conditions, eliminating possible fire threat from excessive heat building up inside the casing
  • The TF008 incorporates a three‑wire flying lead that enables a mains earth connection to be made between the equipment and the transformer
  • This connection might be required for lightning protection on equipment connected to telephone lines or for safety reasons such as earthing of metal enclosures


  • Input 240V AC
  • Output 18VAC.
  • 1.33 Amps.
  • 3 Wires (AC and Earth)
  • Cert.& Approvals CTICK AS/NZS CISPR 14.1:2003
  • Genuine Bosch