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  • 4-in-1: siren, buzzer, LED strobe and steady
  • Standard GPO back plate; also can be fit in a standard mounting block (35mm)
  • Siren and strobe - door forced open alarm
  • LED steady - door status (open or close)
  • Buzzer - door open or held open beyond the permitted time duration
  • LED colour - blue WP15B (standard) or red (part number WP15R)
  • Selectable siren and buzzer loudness level
  • Voltage: 9-15VDC
  • Four inputs: alarm, buzzer, LED strobe, and LED steady – negative triggering
  • Siren loudness level selectable: 105dB/m or 80dB/m
  • Siren current: 150mA (max.)
  • Buzzer loudness level selectable: 95dB/m or 75dB/m
  • LED:   30mA, blue or red
  • Dimensions:  110mm(L) x 70mm(W) x 35mm(D) 
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