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  • Siren tone selectable for different applications
  • Sound volume adjustable: low dB for testing and high dB for normal operation
  • Loud: up to 110dB
  • Bright: new LED strobe design
  • Independent siren and strobe operation
  • High quality UV treated case
  • Weather proof
  • Front and back tampers
  • EOLRs built in, suitable for most major alarm panels
  • SPL @1m:                         110dB
  • Siren current:                     150mA
  • Strobe current:                   50mA
  • Operating voltage:             9-15VDC
  • Siren tone selectable:        Tone 1 warble; Tone 2 Hi/Lo
  • Dimensions:                       200 x 110 x 70mm  
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