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Designed specifically for use in the CCTV industry, this 24VAC heavy duty transformer / power supply can be used to provide power to 18 CCTV cameras (cameras rated at less than 500mA).

• 18 individual fused outputs
• Short circuit protection
• High voltage protection
• Over current protection
• Input Voltage: AC100~120V, AC220~240V
• Output Voltage: AC 24V +/-5%
• Total Output Current : 10A / 240W
• Efficient compact design
• Dimensions(mm): 255(H) x 210(W) x 95(D)
• Indoor use only

Product Highlights:
Thermal Cut-off Protection (TCO)
Each output has an independent PTC fuse and LED indicator. If a problem occurs, only the independent output will be affected.

Short circuit protection
If a short circuit condition occurs, the independent PTC fuse will open the circuit. When the short circuit is removed, the fuse will automatically close.

Secure Metal Case
The secured metal housing provides protection against intrusion and allows for professional-looking cable management.

210mm (W) x 95mm(H) x 255mm(L)mm
Input Voltage
AC100~120V AC220~240V
Output Current
18 X 500mA fused outlets
Output Power
Warranty (Years)

Shipping Weight and Dimensions

Includes product packaging

230 mm
380 mm
90 mm
5.60 kg
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