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The 12Vdc powered RLB1-SPDT relay board from Tactical Power Products is an individual dual buffered, Single Pole / Double Throw (SPDT) Relays. The relay features a transistor buffered input which may be triggered by any positive DC voltage over 5Vdc or by 0Vdc. (Inputs are provided for + or – trigger) An onboard LED illuminates when the relay is activated.
Input Voltage11-15Vdc (must be constantly powered)
CurrentCurrent draw 47 mA when relay is active
Positive Trigger+ Trigger Input ( 5V to 12Vdc )
Negative Trigger– Trigger Input ( 0V )
Contact Current6A 30Vdc
Dimensions47L x 32W x 19H mm
Mounting3M Double Sided Tape
Weight300g approx
EMC StandardsAS/NZS CISPR 11:2004 (Class B)
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