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The MS-100E is designed for indoor and outdoor use

Offers the choice of Wide Angle, Horizontal Curtain, Vertical Curtain and Long Range detection up to 20m from within a single discreet housing.

180° Rotatable optics allow the unit to be installed in almost any position; mount vertically for standard detection or horizontally as a door sensor

  • Product type: Sensor switch
  • Detection systemPassive infrared
  • Coverage: Vertical installation - Wide angle: 10m (33ft) (5 pairs), Curtain: 10m (33ft) (5 pairs) Long range: (20m (66ft) (1 pair); Horizontal installation - Vertical curtain: 3m (10ft) (5 pairs)
  • Supply voltage: 10.5V to 30VDC (non-polarity)
  • Power consumption: 30mA or less
  • Output signal: Dry contact relay output (NO/NC selectable), Contact capacity: 30V (AC/DC), 0.5A max. (resistance load), Contact operation: detection time + off delay (approx. 2 sec. to 5 min.)
  • Tamper signal: Dry contact relay output (NC), Contact capacity: 30V (AC/DC), 2A max. (resistance load)
  • Adjustment volumes: Delay time - Approx. 2 sec. to 5 min (detection time + off delay), Day light - Approx. 10 lux to (regardless illuminance), PIR sensitivity - Approx. 30% (L) to 170% (H) (100% set at factory)
  • Contact changeover: Form NO/NC changeover (by switch)
  • Ambient temperature: -20C to +50C (+4F to +122F)
  • Mounting position: Vertical installation - Indoor/outdoor (pole/wall), Horizontal installation - Indoor/semi outdoor (wall/ceiling)
  • Operation LED: Light at detection + off delay
  • Connection: Terminals
  • Weight: 220g (7.7oz)
  • Appearance: Body: ABS resin (white), Cover: PE resin (white)
  • Optional: Ceiling/wall mount attachment (BCW-401), Wall mount fittings (BW-14)
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