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Trojan Em Rex Press To Exit Electronic Emergency Door Release. Two Sets Of N/C, N/O Contacts, Built-in Sounder, 12VDC.

by Trojan

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The Smart Em Rex® operates in the same way as the standard Em Rex® (Emergency Exit Device) but also includes LED Backlighting which allows both easy location and greater safety in emergencies involving areas of limited lighting. It also operates from 10 to 30Vdc.


  • Field re-settable unit, a reset tool is supplied with every unit
  • No breaking of glass to operate
  • Two outputs; one set to break lock power and one set for status monitoring
  • Visual confirmation of activation
  • An audible confirmation of activation
  • Ancillary input for optional Em Rex Cover or remote operation of sounder
  • Minimal moving parts
  • LED backlit to enable easily locatable in areas of limited lighting
  • C-Tick Certified and complies with BS 5839 Pt. The standard for "Break-Glass Panels"
  • Single gang profile fits a standard electrical flush box
  • Power requirements 10 to 30Vdc
  • 10mA at 13.6 Vdc
  • Two sets Clean N/C outputs (Changes status upon activation)
  • The contacts are rated at 1 Amp 30Vdc
  • The faceplate will not deteriorate over time and is easily cleaned.
  • C-Tick Certified & complies with RoHS and  BS 5839 Pt 2. The standard for "Break-Glass Panels"
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