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UProx Combo Keypad / Maxi Reader - HID Proximity / EM / MIFARE / MIFARE Plus / NFC / Bluetooth Mobile ID Format Complete With Black, Grey And White Covers

by U-Prox

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U-Prox SL Keypad New generation reader with 2.4 GHz and NFC radio technology.

Versatile reader with built-in keypad. Smartphone adjustable. 

Reader in conjunction with the U-Prox Mobile ID application and U-Prox IDs will allow any access control system to use smartphones as access system credentials.

Reader operates with 125 kHz cards, Mifare, Mifare Plus (SL1, SL3) and mobile credentials U-Prox ID over NFC and over 2.4 GHz radio.

The reader works with Mifare Plus cards in SL3 security mode.


Types of identifiers

U-Prox ID over 2.4 GHz radio
from a smartphone

Mifare®, 13.56 MHz
ISO14443A: Mifare®Standard, Mifare®Hi-Memory,
Mifare®Ultralight, Mifare®Classic 1K/4K,
Mifare®Classic 7UID, Mifare® Plus SL1 и SL3

U-Prox ID over NFC, 13.56 MHz
ISO 14443/15693

125 kHz identifiers

2.4 GHz radio modes

Operation distance is 10-20 cm, the reader is activated by a proximity sensor (IR detector). Recommended for double-sided doors and turnstiles.

Operation distance up to 60 cm.
The reader is always active.

Operation distance 1 m ... 15 m.
The reader is always active.


Built-in, wireless
Two transmission modes - symbol-by-symbol (4 bits, 6 bits
or 8 bits per symbol) and packet (complete input by pressing the # button).


Wiegand 26, 32, 34, 37, 40, 42, 56, 58, 64 bits,
Wiegand auto and TouchMemory

Read range

NFC, Mifare IDs and 125 kHz - up to 4 cm,
2.4 GHz radio - adjustable from 10 cm to 15 m

Power supply

+9… +16 V


IP65, -40°С . . . +60°С

Dimensions and Weight

42,8 х 157,8 х 16 mm & 120 g

Case material

ABS plastic