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Double Electromagnetic Lock – Monitored (580kg Holding Strength)

  • Door and Lock Status Monitoring Sensor (DSS & LSS)
  • LSS Monitoring: Status Sensor of the internal locking mechanism
  • DSS Monitoring: Door Latch Sensor, Door latch engaged within strike keeper
  • Early Warning signal output and local alarm buzzer (EW)
  • Multi Voltage 10-26VDC low power consumption (60mA @ 24VDC Sleep-Mode)
  • Exit Switch Delay Function
  • Long distance Light Panel (LP)
  • Anti-Tamper-Plate
  • Truly Green product
PART No.FEM5700DM (double)
HOLDING STRENGTHUp to 580kg (for single magnetic lock)
12/24VDC 12VDC=500mA (Double x2)
250VDC=260mA (Double x2)
APPROVALS4-hour fire rated to A.S. and B.S. standards
SCEC approved for secure areas (FEM5700M & DM)
SIZEDouble door series surface magnet size:
L= 535 x W= 73 x D= 40mm
Double door series armature plate size:
L= 190 x W= 61 x D= 16mm x 2 pcs
Double door series DSS-armature plate size:
L= 252 x W= 61 x D= 16mm x 2 pcs