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Ajax Hub 2 Plus Cam Starter Kit BLACK - 1 x Hub 2 Plus Dual SIM 4G / Ethernet / WiFi - 1 x MotionCam PIR - 1 x DoorProtect Reed Sensor - 1 x SpaceControl Fob

by Ajax

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Starter kit for the Ajax security system. Consists of the Hub2Plus, MotionCam, DoorProtect Reed Sensor and SpaceControl.

  • Authentication to prevent forgery
  • Jamming detection and communication channels encryption
  • Tampering alarm
  • Ethernet and GPRS communication
  • 868MHz Jeweller Wireless
  • Up to 200 users
  • Up to 200 wireless devices in a system
  • Up to 25 security groups
  • Mobile App and PC Software


Hub 2 Plus smart panel

  • Equipped with a WI-FI module, an Ethernet port and 2 SIM slots for 4G support. 
  • In case of interruptions with one of the providers, the control panel reconnects to another channel in seconds.
  • The Hub 2 Plus control panel helps users create up to 64 response scenarios and automates the security of a guarded area. 
  • The device can de-energise the required area, turn off the water, activate sirens and block electric locks on doors and windows.
  • Hub 2 Plus runs on OS Malevich real-time operating system. 
  • The system protects the control panel from viruses, cyberattacks and hacking attempts.

Motion sensor MotionCam with camera

  • The MotionCam wireless alarm sensor detects movement and takes a series of photos.
  • The MotionCam wireless motion detector is activated only in case of an alarm and, in a few seconds, delivers a photo confirmation to the security console or user devices. 
  • All data is encrypted during transmission and is not processed.
  • The MotionCam motion sensor does not respond to pets under 50 cm tall, which helps to avoid false alarms.

DoorProtect opening sensor

  • The DoorProtect wireless opening sensor will help prevent burglary and is suitable for installation on all types of doors. 
  • Thanks to the magnetic field and the reed switch, the door’s opening is determined in a short time.

Remote control key fob SpaceControl

  • Keychain SpaceControl to control security modes. 
  • SpaceControl has a panic button to report danger