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AC-Q41SB 3x4 Rosslare Slim Rugged Metal Standalone Anti-Vandal Backlit Keypad 

  • 500 users can have PIN user credentials for granting access
  • Smooth attractive design, with anti-vandal construction
  • Slim rugged metal construction ideal for installations in high traffic environments
  • Highly-visible blue backlit keypad
  • 3 operational Security Levels can be selected with special PIN codes
  • Supports up to 8-digit PIN codes, with timed wrong code lockout after 3 wrong attempts
  • Anti-vandal standalone controller features shiny blue illuminated metal keys for PIN code user credentials.
  • 2 tri-colored LEDs and integral sounder for programming and operation
  • Wide range of low voltage AC/DC power input
  • Epoxy filled, designed to withstand the rigors of the outdoor environment, and has advanced programming options.
    • Optical tamper detection
    • Automatic internal heater prevents key freeze at -20°C (4°F)
    • 10 programmable modes for auxiliary input and output (2 Amp Form C Relay)
    • 2 Amp Form C Lock Strike Relay, for fail-safe and fail-secure, with input for REX
    • Supports: Door Ajar, Forced, Shunt, Monitor, and Secure mode
    • Door bell key feature operation (from ‘*’ bell key), with Rosslare’s BL-D40 accessory