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Bracket to fix Relay or WallSwitch on a DIN rail

  • DIN Holder helps securely mount Relay or WallSwitch on a DIN rail
  • It can be installed in a junction box, server cabinet, or electrical panel
  • A sticker set is included to mark which device or circuit the relay controls
  • DIN Holder with the installed relay has the same width as a single-phase circuit breaker
  • DIN Holder design follows the shape of the relay and securely fixes it on a standard 35 mm DIN rail
  • Relay or WallSwitch is fitted in the holder casing in one motion
  • The holder is mounted on a rail using side hinges, and no tools are required
The holder is mounted on a 35mm DIN rail using side hinges on the casing. 
No tools required.

Dimensions52 × 41 × 18 mm

Weight9 g

Operating temperature rangefrom −25°C to +60°C

Operating humidityup to 75%