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RADION Wireless Loop Input And Contact Universal Transmitter Reed  |  F.01U.253.619

  • Single alarm loop input can be configured for use with virtually any Normally Open or Normally Closed external detector
  • Integrated magnetic reed switch contact
  • Supervised for low-battery, cover-tamper, and removal from mounting surface tamper conditions
  • Operational up to 5 years using a single user replaceable CR123A lithium battery
Dimensions:Transmitter33.02 x 82.55 x 19.5 mm (1.30 in x 3.25 in x 0.76)
Dimensions:Magnetic18.5 mm x 24.5 mm x 12.5 mm (0.72 in x 0.97 in x 0.49 in)
Weight:0,094 kg (0.207 lb)
Power/Voltage:One CR123A Lithium battery, 3 VDC
Battery life:Up to 5 years Upon power-up, factory test mode lasts for approximately 10 sec.
Temperature:Functional range: -10゚C to +49゚(+14゚F to +120゚F) UL only: 0゚C to +49゚C (+32゚F to+120゚F) EN 50130-5 Class II only: -10゚C to 55゚C (+14゚F to +131゚F IP30/IK04
EnvironmentComplies with EN50130-5 Class II
Relative Humidity:Up to 93% non-condensing
Cover and Wall Tamper Switch1:Transmits a tamper switch signal when the detector is removed from its base, or the unit is pulled away from the wall.
Maximum distance between sensor and magnet:<12.7 mm (1/2 in) Place the magnet on either side. The base has marks to indicate the positioning of the magnet.
Wire gauge:0.65 mm (22 AWG) to 1.5 mm (16 AWG)
Frequency:433.42 MHz
Use:Intended for indoor use.